Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Elidia Ramirez


My first classmate conversation was with Elidia Ramirez. She is a 19 year old hard working person. She is a sophomore like I am and she is also undeclared also. She is thinking in major in History because that’s something that really fascinates her very much. While talking to each other we found that we live actually very close to each other which is very weird and cool at the same time. She also loves Bruno Mars very much like i do and we want to go see him preform live some time. We figured out that we love flying out to Mexico on vacation and it’s our favorite place to go to. It’s really cool to know that we have many things in common and now I’m glad she is my friend.  I find it very interesting how you can have many different things in common with different people.

Website: elidiar.wordpress.com


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