Week 3 – Art Experience -Snapchat

All these four different Snapchat pictures shows us different things. In the first picture which I took is the art is being illuminated by the black and white lines around Josh Vasquez’s beautiful painting. The picture is black and white so it sort of looks kind of scary. The second Snapchat picture is of my friend Erica and was putting on a face masks. I find that picture really funny because she was so concentrated on what she was doing that she didn’t even realized I snapped a picture of her. She’s probably going to kill me for this but I think it’s a cool picture. My last two pictures are from a fellow classmate Elidia Ramirez which I really enjoyed her pictures. The third picture is really cool and its amazing how the little things makes a picture look awesome. I really like the dead stick figure person because it is shows someone’s dead. The last and final picture is a painting of Josh Vasquez that Elidia decide to outline it with different colors which makes the painting to stand out. I find all this Snapchat pictures really cool and I’m glad we were able to use Snapchat.


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