Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Joshua Vasquez

Artist: Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida / Morte 

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: @joshybehr

The artist for this gallery showing was Joshua Vasquez and he is from downtown Los Angeles. He is an undergraduate but will be graduating in Spring 2017. He is currently in the BFA Painting and Drawing Program at CSULB. He was always interested in art but he didn’t really take it serious until two years ago. His ideas explore life and death in general and what those two components mean to him. He uses his drawing as a way to show us all his point of view of life and death.

His painting are very unique but they have to do with life an death. All his paintings are done in black and white and none of them have color. The material he used for this art work was plastic trash bags and ink markers. In his painting he has lines and shapes that symbolizes various things. The lines are undulating and has this peaceful wavelike motion which looks so beautiful. It has many sinuous all over which can symbolize many things. By just looking at the paintings you can tell the texture is smooth and well done.

The artist’s exhibition is called Vida / Morte which is translated to “Life / Death”. He hopes to find a deeper meaning like femininity and masculinity. He wants us to see more than what we just see but actually see the painting and its meaning. His ideas shows us that everything has a life span. None of his painting will last forever and they all have its ending. He just wants to capture that they all have their own lives and to also capture the aspect of life.

I find his paintings very beautiful especially because they are black and white. I believe by having no color to its more expressive and its showing me something. My favorite colors are black and white so I feel a connection towards the paintings. I also believe that if there is life there is death and everything comes to an end. Nothing will last forever and we all have to realize that. I wish I could see art the way he does because we all have different  ways of expressing different things. Overall, his exhibition was very wonderful and it was beautiful to look at.


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