Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website:  http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: @samueljerni

The artist of the week was Samuel Jernigan and his exhibition is called “Weight of Whimsy and Ideals”. He’s originally from the Bay Area where there is a lot of agriculture. He graduated from CSULB in the Fall of 2015 and his major was Ceramics. His exhibition explores mainly alienation, belonging, and contradiction. A couple of interesting facts about him is that he would usually spend up to 16 hours a day making his art pieces. He noticed how he didn’t spend time at home anymore so he decided to live in his car and he did for about 3 years. Beside art,  has worked at the farmers market, enjoys cartoons, and goes bike riding to center his mind. He also has a collection of pens that he thinks writes well.

Jernigan’s art is all made out of ceramics and he mainly uses very bright colors in most of his sculptures. The reason he uses bright colors is because it catches people’s attention and he also likes to use high pigmented colors. He buys a certain type of ceramic paint which cost $10 and its from a store that is called Big Dick’s Hardware store. Another material he uses are paint pens from the brand Krink and the reason why he uses them its because its like primer and they are vibrant colors. Most of his work is smooth and some of them has lines.

Jernigan tries to touch people’s emotions not only some but every emotions. He tries to unfix the fix meaning of what people think about his work. He tries not to represent what people usually assume of his art. He wants to make it clear that they aren’t toys but his sculptures represents some type of nostalgia. For example the picture on the left of the bust with a toy around its neck, people assume something rather than how he actually sees it. He adds to different objects that you wouldn’t really see together which helps you see that they actually do look good together.

I think Jernigan’s sculptures are really awesome. In high school I was in ceramics and I enjoyed it very much. It’s very cool how you can form anything you want with the clay. His art work does bring back nostalgia of my childhood. The second picture is of the “One-Half Fish” this sculpture brings back memories of a Dr.Seuss books. All his sculptures are very beautiful and it somehow shows me that my childhood was beautiful also. All this wonderful and vibrant colors are representing what childhood is about. Jernigan’s art is showing us another meaning than just what we assume of our childhood. Knowing that the art has deeper meaning makes the art even more better.




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