Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Jerry Pleitez


My classmate conversation was with Jerry Pleitez. He is 19 years old from Downey, Ca but attended Paramount High School. He is half Hispanic and half Portuguese. This is his second year at CSULB and his major is Mechanical Space Engineer. He has many different interests and hobbies. He enjoys soccer, track, hanging out with his friends,and working out.He listens to every type of music except country and that is a similarity that we had which is really cool. His favorite television show is “Arrow” and his favorite color is dark blue. He also mentioned that his favorite food are tacos and favorite drink is horchata. Something loves very much is to drink boba. Overall, I thought he was a pretty cool guy and it was nice speaking to him and also knowing we had a couple things in common that you would of never thought we would.

Website: https://jerrypleitez26.wordpress.com/


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