Week 5 – Art Experience – Coiffure

For this week I decide something exciting so I decided to use the Garnier Color Styler that I bought at Target in the color “Pink Pop”. I always wanted to dye all my hair the color purple but the one you can only see when I’m under the sun. I tired it once before but it didn’t work out. When I found this temporarily hair dye I gave it a try. The reason I got this pink color is because depending how dark your hair is the more purplish or pinkish it will come out. Since my hair is sort of dark it didn’t come out looking pink as in the box which is great because I don’t really like light pink. It was very simple to apply and depending on how much hair you want to apply to it, it won’t take that much time. Once its dry it makes your hair very dry also but the next day it looks way better. I enjoyed doing this experiment because it gave me a reason to do something that I always wanted. Now I just want to see how it will look in the next days and how long this dye will stay on.


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