Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Valentina Ramirez


My classmate conversation this week was with Valentina Ramirez. She is 22 year old from Long Beach, California. Her major is Sociology and she will be graduating this Spring of 2016. She chose this major because she is interested in learning about people and their behavior within our society in order to hopefully have a better unbiased understanding why people behave in certain ways. She decided to attend CSULB because she was accepted here and it’s where her family is at so she’ll was able to stay close to them. She enjoys MMA and she loves watching UFC fights which an interesting thing is that she is actually training herself. Her favorite food is Italian food mostly pastas and her favorite drink is between horchata or Dr. Pepper. Her favorite color is burgundy and her favorite movie is between Temptation or Iron Man but right now she is enjoying Dexter. She listens to variety of music like rock en espanol, r&b, and banda. On her free time she likes to hangout with her husband and family having adventures like going out, fishing, and hiking. If she could visit anywhere in the world it would be Venice, Italy. Overall, it was awesome getting to know her and learning her interests.

Website: ramirezelorzaartwordpresscom.wordpress.com


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