Week 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This week was group video activity and for the video wee chose to do CSULB problems. In my group there was Elidia Ramirez, Jhonatan Ramos, and Valentina Ramirez. For our problem we chose the very long and dreadful stairs that leads you to the upper campus. Those stairs are very tiring especially if you have to go up them every single day. Another problem with using these stairs is that the steps are very close together so sometimes you take two steps at a time or even go up them slowly just to be careful. We thought it would be funny to add the Rocky scenes into our video because by the time we make it to the top we feel like champs. Overall, it was very fun putting this video together and actually knowing that I am not the only one who thinks these stairs are a problem. Even though it might not be as long as others I find the video very funny and it has a point.





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