Week 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This weeks art experience was Automatic Drawing. At first my partner and I were very confused on how this drawing was going to work and how it was going to turn out. From the very beginning when we were sitting across from each other we began to laugh. We can’t really take anything serious so this was the most difficult part during this experience. After some time we began to focus and our hands began to weirdly move around. At first we used two different color pencils which were pink and blue. The colors didn’t really show so we brought out this black pen. The black pen was more visible and it was easy to tell were our lines would cross. This “art” we created probably isn’t the best thing ever but I actually really like it. I feel it sort of represents our friendship and I believe this drawing shows us as one together. We are combined into one person and I feel this painting definitely portrays our personalities combined. Overall, this automatic drawing experience was very fun and I enjoyed it.


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