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I am Gabrielina and I am the root of all evil on the Moonbase Alpha. I may not be the queen but I will destroy anyone and anything that interferes with anything I do. I don’t follow anyone’s instructions at all. My one true aspiration is to find more discoveries around our galaxies to further my knowledge. I don’t trust many people at the Moonbase Alpha because they can back stab you at any moment. I will do anything in my power to protect the people I actually care about here. I may look nice but watch out because I have my eyes on you and always 3 steps ahead of you.


Lia came to Moonbase Alpha looking for her twin sister. I am not sure if should trust her or not. She was very friendly when she arrived but something about her just doesn’t click. She is very determined and I believe that is a very strong suit for her. I hope she finds her sister if that’s truly what she’s looking for.


Lorika is a princess of the Moonbase Alpha. Her mother is the queen but I don’t trust her mother at all. I caught Lorika disguised as a commoner a couple of times now but we have became very good friends. She wants people to treat her as a normal person that’s what I do. I just hope she doesn’t get caught by her mother because she would be in huge trouble.


Fawkes McCrane is someone that you have to be careful of. He hasn’t lived in Moonbase Alpha for a long time so I can’t fully trust him. He has told me a few things about himself but I’m not sure if he’s saying the truth or not.


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