Week 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week our art experience was Instagram. We had to post 4 pictures on Thursday of whatever we would like to post. My post are the 4 pictures on the left. At first I wanted to post pictures that went with each other or like a certain theme. I posted random pictures that I had taken 2 of them this week and the other 2 are some of the art experience we had or the art of  Samuel Jernigan. Our whole class had to post on a specific hashtag which was #arts16. I noticed that we were all one person all together the hashtag united us together. We will never be able to be together again once this class is over which is very weird to think but it’s true. The picture on the right is a screen shot of Elidia Ramirez post that she posted on Thursday. We all posted different things but I noticed that we all had a similar post with something to do with art. Overall, it was fun to look through the hashtags and see what other classmate’s posted.


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