Week 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

This week our art experience was different from our typically ones that we have each week. This weeks guest was Marta Troya and made this experience for us. This week had to go to two different locations which were the library and the book store. She made us think if the library at our school was an actual library since there were so many different things that you really didn’t find in a library. I never really payed attention to the library and the different distractions it has within it. We have a Starbucks which has nothing to do with the library and we have computers. This distractions distract the main purpose to why people even go to the library. People don’t go to read as much to socialize because there are a couple floors in the library were you can meet up and are allowed to talk. The funny thing of when we went to the library is that we almost got kicked out of a certain spot in the library for sitting down and reading. Which is a very odd thing to get kicked out for because a library contains books so you would think that we were allowed to read but this wasn’t the case this time. While we were in the library it was harder to share the experience with other since I didn’t have proof of that I was actually there. In the sense it was difficult to not take a picture like when we went to the bookstore. The bookstore is a book store but it has so many more things then that. They sell supplies, clothing, make-up, and they also have chairs to sit around. I find it odd because its called a bookstore but that have all these different distractions. Having books at the bookstore seems pointless now because they don’t promote the books as much as the clothing they sell. There were so many things that before I didn’t notice of the library and bookstore. This experience helped me open up my  eyes see how these spaces are used for what they are actually used for.


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