Week 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

This weeks art experience was Geocaching. When Professor Glenn first explained this activity I was very confused but after I understood. The top three pictures was when I finally found my first cache out of five. The first four looking were so frustrating because I couldn’t find them. My friend and I would spend 30 minutes in each location but we had no luck. We would just give up and go on to the next. I am so happy we at least found one because it made us feel better for not finding the other ones. I somehow thought they were going to be simple hiding places but they weren’t. I think we are going to return back and find the ones we didn’t find originally because we are not satisfied. The geocache I hid was in campus because I was there already and I believe if people wanted to look for mine it would be easier. We put 50 cents and a gum inside the Kleenex tissue holder. I know it isn’t the most creative thing ever but I was very excited to leave it. Overall, I find geocaching a really smart and fun idea. They are so many things hidden where ever we go which is so cool. We don’t really think what’s hidden around so when doing this activity I found someone different locations around my home where there were cache’s hidden. It was a new experience and even though I was frustrated half of the time I still had tons of fun.

N 033’46.809′
W 118’06.886′

“Rusty Electricity”


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