Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Jhonatan Ramos


This week the classmate I was able to get to know was Jhonatan Ramos. He is a nineteen years old from Gilray, California. His hometown is six hours away but he wanted to attend CSULB because his brother attends to CSULB. He is a freshmen and majoring in Philosophy but also thinking in minoring in Theology. The reason he choose this majors because he wants to become a priest someday. Which is very surprising because now in days nobody seems to want to become a priest. I find it so awesome and I find it very unique. He also mentioned that before he died he wants to be able to learn five new languages. So far he has three down but he wants to learn Latin and Italian. He also enjoys ever type of music even in different languages which I though was really cool. Some languages that he listens to are Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. I totally enjoyed talking to him because he is very outgoing and very nice. This class has made me meet new people that I never what of thought I would ever meet and I enjoy very much meeting all these people because I have more in common then I would of thought.

Website: jhonatan2016.wordpress.com


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