Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Tareena Woods

thumbnail_photo 4

This week I was able to meet Tareena Woods. She is 19 years old from Buena Park, California. She has a dog name Dexter and he will be turning two this summer. Someone who she can’t live without is her father. He is her best friend and she can’t go hours without speaking to him. He always cheers her up and always brings out the best in her.  She is a first year and her major is film. She decide to attend CSULB because we have a good film program. She commutes from Buena Park everyday to come to school. Her hobbies are eating and watching movies. Her favorite food are tacos. She also enjoys ice tea, ice cream, and coffee. She listens to every type of music like pop and R&B. She doesn’t like country or any heavy metal. Her favorite artists is Troye Sivan which is really cool because I know about him also and I would of thought that people wouldn’t really know about him.  Her favorite colors are pink and gold. If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be Italy and Costa Rica. She would like to go to Italy because it looks like it would be beautiful and she wants to try an authentic gelato. Also Costa Rica because it looks peaceful and she loves the beach. It was such a pleasure meeting her, she was very friendly.

Website: artzwithreena.wordpress.com



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