Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


This week I was able to participate in the Art Care Package. When this experience was presented to me it sounded very fun and interesting. At first it was difficult deciding what to include in the ACP because I didn’t know anything about the person. So deciding the contents was probably the most difficult part. I hope that the person who receives it at least likes 80% of what was sent to them. I feel I added things that I like, like different nail polishes  and that picture frame with hearts with it. I found it really cool because it has hearts on it.  When you send something by mail I believe it’s very sort of “old school” like now in days nobody sends anything through the mail like written letters. Sending someone a package is similar to sending something with snap-chat because the other person will be receiving something. The difference is that this package can last the person a very long time while with snap-chat you only have it for 10 seconds. That depends if you screen shot the picture then you can have it for a while also. I think ephemera is OK for the things that are meant to stay preserved for a short period. I like to keep things for example letters I keep them for as long as could. They are not just kept for a short period but its sort of a forever type of thing. Last year I attended many invents and I kept every single wristband from each event. I keep them as memory to remember the good times I had which I find that its really cool. Art is art whether it is seen by a lot of people and few. My ACP is art for me but maybe the person who will be receiving this will probably not think that. So it all depends on how the person views art. When sending a snap-chat and sending a package I believe its the same thing. They are both meaningful and time is put into both things. Maybe in the snap-chat it doesn’t take as long but its still meaningful no matter what. Both sending a snap-chat and sending a package is bot the same the same thing. No matter what the content is it is sent with the desire for someone to appreciate it.


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