Extra Credit – “The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens”

When I began reading this article at first I was sketchy about just because I didn’t know much about Tumblr and what it is about. I never knew someone could become famous on Tumblr. I have heard about people getting famous on youtube, vine, and instagram but never Tumblr. Well maybe I have not came across Tumblr “stars”. I noticed than when teens use Tumblr they are able to express themselves without being judge for who they are because its anonymous. In a way its better than instgram because on instgram people know who you are and they can judge you hard core base on how you look or what you say. The internet can be a horrible place if your consider “ugly” to certain people so by using Tumblr teens have a certain self esteem where they know they can’t be judged because Tumblr users are mostly likely like them. It’s crazy how the internet can destroy you but the mean comments people post of you. Most of the hate people throw at people I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have the guts to tell them in person. Being behind a screen empowers people and gives them guts.  For example the Tumblr user “Pizza” she was was hated on tumblr for something she said when she was 13 and that still followed her. Learning about Lilley and Greenfield and their stardom was amazing. They worked very hard to built up their own website with relatable post is awesome. But seeing how many companies did they dirty is crazy. It’s crazy how much money they were making by just the internet and advertisements and for it to be ripped away from them is shocking. Its scary when you have everything and making so much money and then ending with nothing at the end. Once you have so much fame and fortune for it to end up to nothing is just very crazy. Maybe being “famous” on any social media is not so good. You might have temporary success for a while but then what happens when people stop caring? It’s crazy how things can go so well to you and then not end up working out. There is so many possibilities on social media but its not always trustworthy. I remember at some point I wanted to become a youtuber but its to time consuming and creativity. Which is something I didn’t have at the time. Now, I wouldn’t mind starting a youtube channel cause I don’t know about the outcome of it all. Social media can be either good or bad for you.



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