Week 14 -Activity Feedback

3 favorite activities:

Game Design- I really enjoyed this activity because I had no idea what geocaching was. So being able to do this activity helped me see that there could be many different things hidden around me anywhere I am. I find that extremely cool because I was clueless.

Instagram – I think this activity was cool because the whole class was using the hash tag and were posting pictures. It was fun to think that it was our thing just cause we were all in that class and others weren’t. It felt like we were connected in some way just cause we were sharing the hash tag together. Being able to see what other classmates post was cool also!

Coiffure- This is probably the activity I enjoyed the most because I dying my hair another cool is so much fun. I enjoy experimenting with my hair and try dying it different colors. Having purplish hair was a really fun experience.

3 least favorite activities:

Photo walk- For this activity I didn’t really get the point that much. I think that’s why I didn’t really enjoy as much.

Sketching in the Garden- This activity was my least favorite because I am the worst drawer ever so it was very frustrating trying to draw. But I can’t complain because the Japanese Garden is such a beautiful view.

I had only 2 least favorite activities!

Overall, I really enjoyed this class because it was really fun. This class was fairly easy in doing the different assignments. The assignments were relevant to what we were learning each week. This class was awesome so thank you Professor Glenn!


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